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ED AMBROZ - Creator of new Ideas

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Born in  former Czechoslovakia, Ed Ambroz studied Fine Arts and Drama at the Academy of Arts in Bratislava, receiving a Master of Arts degree in each of these subjects. During his 36 years Ed Ambroz  has created numerous works of corporate and decorative art for high-tech companies, hotels and private collectors. Over 8,000 of his works have been sold in Ontario, Canada. His works also belong to corporate and private collections in Vancouver, California, and the Hawaiian Islands.

Your destiny was not very kind to you. After a brief but very promising career as a Pop singer in former Czechoslovakia, you left home early to face  new challenges in completely different environment and culture.

My mother was a beloved opera singer in Bratislava. So I guess the artistic impulse comes naturally. I always wanted to be a painter...but even with the great help of my uncle, an academic painter, my dream to become a painter at first was just an illusion...

My uncle, Antonin Pelc, was a very  close Friend  of Picasso, as well as being a renowned painter in his own right. During the WWII he was a political cartoonist who satirized Adolf Hitler in European publications and in the pages of The New Yorker.   “He was known to Hitler,” says Ed. “He  was forced to leave  Europe on the last boat out.”

Like  your uncle before,  you left Czechoslovakia at the dawn of a Soviet  invasion.  You spent some of  your early years in Canada working in service industry jobs; quite a contrast for a man who was a well-regarded film actor and emerging rock star back home....and than ...your Art  Muse was born again....What does Art means to you?
Art is not something that you learn from university, the true art is the way of life. The true artist is the one who everyday lives a life of a creator in all aspects of his living.

  Painting is deeply subjective matter and therefore it is not expected to be appreciated by gives the public choice to connect with their own subjective experiences and therefore either like it either reject it. True artist should never wait in the recognition line but rather be recognized or not....

that is the true faith of an artist.... it is so similar to the famous statement BE OR NOT TO BE...


Your paintings are deeply spiritual even very minimalistic in expression....what is the common feeling when creating your art...

I can only answer following way will always produce a love child...


Anybody can see that you are painting with a positive eye, from your pieces a casual observer can feel an optimism and a life balance. Do you have special way of separating yourself form the everyday stress?  

When I am paining I do enter the world where stress and negative feelings does not exists.


Your optimism and energy is present in the color combination. In my mixed-media creations with the rich, glossy texture you do combine colorful images of family, friends or lovers. What is your goal when creating the social art?

  .....I like to be different... I love the flexibility of mixed-media as it allows me to  create unusual color and texture combinations. My mixed-media creations combine colorful images of family units with a rich, glossy texture, the ultimate goal is to create “social art.” The Family is very important unit, in my opinion, therefore the ultimate goal is to create “social art.”   Everything starts and ends in the Family...The circle, the "togetherness" of the Family  is so important and so fascinating for me;  the parents help the children and the children realize the importance of the parents.

While  most of your work  tends to the abstract, your clients have the privilege to see Canada, your adopted country,   through  semiabstract work. Looking at your Canadian Rhapsody can not miss the color scheme that comes  right out of a sunset, with striking shades of red and orange.   “I get inspired by the Gatineau Hills in the fall; the fall colors. I use quite a lot of warm colors. Fall in Canada is a magical time. When you think you have seen it all...the nature brings another surprise.


Your work is not considered as a traditional art. What makes it so different? What makes you create, what is the starting point for your creations?

  "My art takes  me to many different places. I enjoy exploring different media, I  do not feel obligated to use traditional techniques nor paint "to fit" in the old frames of thinking. One of the most important qualities of the designer is the uniqueness. Therefore it is important that you don't become a follower but rather creator of new ideas. Unique artist

You have been creating motives with Hawaiian heritage for you clients and galleries in USA.  Hawaii seems to be your "LOVE AFFAIR". Why?  

Hawaii, specifically smaller Islands, are one of the few places where you can physically and spiritually submerge yourself and be completely separated from the rest of the world. Place where your soul comes as close to the earthly freedom as it is possible.     

Some of your paintings are done with Hawaiian black sand. How difficult it is to use instead of brush just small grains of sand?

Hawaiian petroglyphs are simple rock carvings or pictograms that represented people or animals. In my early work I did the whole paining on the surface covered with the I use black Hawaiian sand as my tool - my brush to paint...
  If you are uncertain or hesitate when making a brush stroke or you paint with the sand on a sticky surface, the result will be painfully noticeable. The key to my work  is practice. Making something that is difficult look easy takes years of practice ....

Over the years, Ed’s fine art paintings have been purchased by collectors all over the world including Hawaii,  Europe,  Canada and across the United States. During his carrier Ed has worked with many interior designer  and private clients. This invaluable experience has helped him immensely when working special  commissioned  paintings or metal sculptures. Determining the needs of the client and meeting the deadline have been interwoven into the process of Ed's commissioned paintings.

Today your art is  represented in  Canada  by Koyman Galleries. It is  unusual that one artist would stay with one  Gallery for such a long time. What is the magic recipe for  your success whit one of the biggest and most successful Galleries in Canada?

My  association with Koyman Gallery  had “innocent beginnings.” After selling three-dimensional steel pieces in a space at the Rideau Centre  in Ottawa in the early ‘80s, Koyman’s took over the store.

Sometimes the disintegration of one entity presents itself with the golden opportunity to rise above yourself and that was the case with the gallery in Ottawa. At first I was unhappy with the fact I am closing a chapter with the former owners but on the other side the possibility of a new beginning was always insight. The new owner, Mr. Koyman, ordered few small pieces of my art  and, a quarter of a decade later and more that 14 000 pieces of art sold, I have not finished all my orders with the gallery yet.   With confidence I can say...there is still much more to come...



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